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driveNscan is setting standards in assessing and classifying Hail-damage to the car body. By optimally combining short deployment times, unprecedented precision, uncomplicated applications, state-of-the-art technology and ultra-fast Scanning to insurence company, body shops, experts and vehicle owners benefits from the unseen effectivenes when handling major damage events.






The optimized "drive through" technology enables a continuous damage assessment with a scan time less than 10 seconds per vehicle! The exact evaluations are processed less than 5 minutes available.
The scan data and results/reports are saved in local database and also stored in secure Cloud for easy access(if necessary) these data are available to the respective supervisor as well.
driveNscan is simple frame which can be transported in one piece by one person and makes It operational within a shortest possible time.
The system's powerful Software architecture works to the latest standards and is easy and efficient to use thanks to modern User Interfaces.
driveNscan provides an extremely fast and accurate calculation of the result, thanks to accurate image processing and calculation of damage based on AI and deep Learning.
driveNscan is designed as an open plugin system and can be expanded or networked via interfaces. We already have an interface with DAT.
The detailed report document of all damages with all Dent-sizes, including location. Dents are marked on real picture of the car for better visualization.
A flexible Mirror System increases the scanning area upto the bottom of the car.

The New Generation
Innovative Portal-Scanner

Hard facts of driveNscan

Scanner type Portal scanner with Light Tunnel
Scan technique Deflectometry and Imageprocessing
Scan time Less than 10 sec at about 4 to 8 Km/h
Process time Less than 5 min including calculation and reporting
Vehicle Up to the standard SUV, no further requirements for eg. Speed of the vehicle.
Mobility Transportable in less than an Hour (with TRUCK or Trailer)
Build-up time Less than an Hour by one Person
Cameras 10 high-resolution Cameras of Industrial Standards.
Beleuchtung Intensives LED-Licht (lange Lebensdauer, geringer Stromverbrauch)
LED-Stromversorgung 24 V Gleichstrom (via 220 V-Wechselstrom im Computertrolley)
EDV-System leistungsfähige Workstation mit Zubehör
Monitor 2 Monitore: Live-View am Scannerrahmen, am Benutzerarbeitsplatz
Dimensionen innen 3600 mm breit, 2660 mm hoch, 1280 mm tief
Dimensionen aussen 3920 breit, 2820 hoch, 1280 breit
Spiegel 2 Stück, 1280 mm x 50 mm
Lenkrollen 4 x Schwerlastrollen mit Feststeller
Software/Konnektivität C++, C# -API zur Integration in Software von Drittanbietern

App - Reports


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